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Audiovisual equipment requires maximum impact protection during transport. UFP Canada offers you adapted solutions to protect your equipment.

UFP Canada is a global manufacturer that supplies a large variety of packaging products. For all your needs in transportation, handling and storage of audiovisual equipment, you can rely on our packaging solutions!

Commercial Video Equipment Packaging
Our commercial video equipment packaging solutions are designed for you, according to your needs and those of your customers so that your products are shipped efficiently and safely. We manufacture wooden boxes with foam protection specially designed for the transport of fragile equipment.
Commercial Video Equipment Packaging

At UFP Canada, we work with you to find the best commercial video equipment packaging solutions. Available in different formats, in standard and customized models, our boxes with foam protection are specially adapted for the needs of the audiovisual field. The foam liners will perfectly hold your equipment and tools securely and neatly in place.

Whether it's a small device protection case or a specialized heavy equipment box, we can provide you with the products you need.
Commercial Video Equipment Packaging

Nanuk Case

Nanuk case offers the best solution to protect your equipment.

To protect and transport your fragile or weather-sensitive instruments, multimedia equipment, drones or other equipment, the robust Nanuk case is the best solution for your commercial video equipment packaging needs. Designed to be strong and durable, with innovative features like its patented PowerClaw latches system, NK-7 resin shell and distinctive styling, it's the perfect carrying case to protect the most delicate equipment in the toughest environments.

Nanuk case has been designed with one goal in mind: total protection. Rounded corners, thick-walled construction and oversized details allow Nanuk case to resist shocks and protect its contents. With a NK-7 resin shell, Nanuk case is ultra-strong and extremely durable.

Nanuk case is used for search and rescue missions, sea transport and diving activities, it is completely waterproof and dustproof and can withstand the most extreme temperatures. Nanuk case provides durable protection with a wear-resistant seal, nothing gets into it.

The patented NANUK PowerClaw Locking System uses the compression force to securely close your case, ensuring its contents are protected from the elements. The built-in slide latches on the Nanuk case enhance security by preventing your case from accidental opening during transport or unexpected fall.

Sturdy and protective, the amazing Nanuk case will keep your precious items safe no matter where your adventure takes you.
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