Industrial Manufacturing Packaging


We have more than 130 affiliated companies in North America and Australia and we buy raw materials and products around the world.

Our industrial manufacturing packaging solutions are designed for you, according to your needs and those of your customers so that your products are shipped efficiently and safely.


UFP Canada designs

industrial manufacturing packaging

solutions tailored to your needs to facilitate the transportation and handling of your merchandise.

We offer a variety of crates, boxes, pallets, containers and other custom packaging.

We not only help you get your products where they need to go safely, we also help protect your profits in transit.
Industrial Manufacturing Packaging
Our packaging solutions include everything you’ll need to ship your goods efficiently, quickly and safely.
Industrial Manufacturing Packaging
UFP Canada is a global manufacturer that supplies a large variety of

industrial manufacturing packaging

products. The full range of our products meets the performance standards of the manufacturing industry. For all your transportation, handling and storage needs, you can rely on our packaging solutions!
Industrial Manufacturing Packaging
At UFP Canada, we work with you to find the best industrial manufacturing packaging solutions. We can help you analyze your company’s packaging and shipping needs. We can offer you standardized packaging to reduce expenses, or our team can also design a customized packaging and transport solution to fit your exact requirements, helping you optimize the supply chain.
Industrial Manufacturing Packaging

Whatever type of industrial manufacturing packaging solutions you need, at UFP Canada we have it. We can also custom design crates, boxes and containers to meet your specific shipping needs. Whether it’s a small box or a 100-foot shipping container, for one time or continued use, we can supply you with the products you need, as well as help you overcome all obstacles, whether company-wide or worldwide.

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